Stealth Chair Parts

When it comes to Stealth Chair parts,  we carry a small range of parts, from bushings to cylinders, so you can repair your chair quickly and easily. We also warranty our products for longer than any in the music industry, so you can be sure you’re getting the best possible quality.

Stealth Replacement Cylinders

Extra tall Cylinder for lighting and or sit-stand locations. 27.75 at the tallest location and 18″ at the lowest location.

Stealth Chair replacement Bushings

Each Stealth chair has 4 suspension bushings that can wear over years of time. These are normal functioning item that wears over 6-8 years

Stealth Chair Heavy Duty Casters

4″ x 1″ Swivel Caster-sold in a set of 5 with a double ball raceway swivel design. Available only in black.